Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week's lesson: I John 3:1-10

I never really got a chance to know my grandfather -- a one-eyed fiddle-player by the name of John Emmett Burch who died when I was six.

But a couple of years ago, one of my grandfather's sister's grand-children dropped by for a quick visit. And even though we are . . . what? Third-cousins? Fourth-cousins?

Anyway, however distant we may be by blood, the resemblance is amazing. We have the same height, the same build, the same hairline, the same chin . . .

And as he pointed out, the two of us even have "the Burch belly." (Don't ask -- let's just say the resemblance was amazing, even when it was embarrassing!)

If you wanted to know what my grandfather looked like, in other words, you could get some idea just by looking at the two of us.

Likewise, most people will never see God -- not in this life, not on this earth.

But they should be able to get some idea of what He's like . . .

Every time they meet one of His children.

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Anonymous said...

Second cousins.