Sunday, August 23, 2009

Odds & Ends

  • Church workbee this morning. Wedding this afternoon. Tuesday, I'll begin my fourth-year of teaching high school Bible classes. And we've a school constituency meeting on Thursday to discuss the economy's impact on our school's enrollment and budget. Should be an interesting week.
  • As near as I can figure, spiked is a British libertarian webzine -- not the kind of place I'd expect to find an overview of Calvinist thought, but there it is.
  • And for news on what it's like to be a Adventist pastor in the heartland of America, try
  • Traffic to this site returned to normal levels this week. Most visitors were from the West Coast (Oregon, California, and Washington), with a real surge in traffic from Portland. (Shouldn't you people at the Oregon Conference office get back to work?) Foreign visitors tended to be from the United Kingdom or Australia, but I had a smattering of visitors from Finland, Papua New Guinea, Oman, India, the Netherlands, and Brazil. (And yes, I love to use words like "smattering." Smattering. Smattering. Smattering.)
  • I'll close with this quote from Sam Brown: "Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance."

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