Sunday, July 26, 2009

Haiku: the view from my dining room window

Anna's Hummingbirds
dive at the geraniums --
they can pull nine gees.


DonB said...

That's just great! A pastor AND a poet. I struggle understanding clear concepts. I think the reason I disliked "great literature" was that you had to decipher the sentences then decipher what they were saying - "the white picket fence around the cottage represents the lines we draw around our familiar surroundings . . ." Then you have to figure out what lines you have drawn around your familiar surroundings.

Go to it, Pastor. You tell it.

DonB said...

Since you put this out, the idea of haiku has stuck with me. A little research and I decided to try my hand and started a blog for my wife. My first attempt

Angel breath
rustles golden leaves
Memories of May

If you ever wonder if you influence people, let this be proof - a very non-poet writes (sort of) haiku as a result of being inspired by you!