Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've added sincerely squid to my list of links. It's a blog written by Tiffany -- an SDA who owns a children's store in Takoma Park, Maryland. She's a gifted writer (though I look forward to the day she begins using capital letters).

Since John McLarty seems to have stopped posting at MrAdventist, I've dropped that link and added a link to his blog at Liberal Adventist. (John is one of those people who makes me insanely jealous of his writing skills. Perhaps I could get him to stop using capital letters?)

And yes, I've also dropped a few links -- a process that always makes me think of Revelation 2:5.

Traffic was up this week, mainly due to a large number of visits from Prosser, Washington. (Am I getting some word-of-mouth advertising in the Yakima Valley, or what?) This put Washington in first place for visitors (again!), followed by Oregon, California, British Columbia . . . and a three-way tie for fifth-place between Virgina, Colorado, and Saskatchewan (a.k.a. "Manitoba's Evil Twin").

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Tiffany said...

Ha! Did you know I actually had to train myself to not use capital letters? I only do it in my blog. I suppose it is my way of clearly stating that what I am writing is by all means a first draft, and therefore, I can not be held accountable for my mistakes :) I grew up loving to write, but always intimated by punctuation, I suppose I still am. Nevertheless, I appreciate you adding me to your blog list!