Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Odds & Ends

  • No sooner are they back from college, then our two daughters are off again -- the eldest to Rosario, and the youngest to Sunset Lake. Fortunately, it was raining, so they shouldn't mind leaving Lincoln City too much.
  • Interesting article in The New York Times: It turns out that comparing the health of moderate drinkers with that of abstainers is an apples and oranges kind of thing; that's why some experts say all those studies touting the health benefits of moderate drinking are fatally flawed. (And guess what? Many of those studies were funded by the alcoholic beverages industry).
  • Out of Ur offers this teaser from July's Leadership: "most of the highly celebrated, experimental worship services launched in the Nineties to reach 'Gen-X' are now gone." Fortunately, they've all been replaced by something even better -- right?
  • And I'll close with this quote from Albert Einstein: "Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them."

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