Thursday, May 21, 2009

This week's lesson: rest

What would you do if God gave you an extra day in your week?

Would you fill it up with "more of the same" -- with more work, more chores, more busyness?

Or would you save it for things that are really important . . . like your family? Your friends? And maybe even God Himself?

If you chose that last option, of course, you'd need to set some limits -- and you'd need to admit there are limits to what you can do. Yes, we'd need to admit that God is the only one who ever got everything done He wanted to do in just one week.

But if God could finish His work of creation in just six days . . .

Then what would you do if He added one more day to that week?

1 comment:

waveofthinking said...

Id probably go nuts with an extra day in the week.