Sunday, May 10, 2009


Not much happened on the website this week, thanks to a combination of my trip to Spokane (wahoo!) and the ensuing migraine (bleh!).

Not surprisingly, traffic was down for the first part of this week (when I wasn't posting much of anything), and up for the second half (when I was). Outside of Oregon and Washington, the top three spots for North American visitors were British Columbia, Texas, and California; outside of North America, the ever-popular Estonia came in first, with a scattering of visitors from just about everyplace else (including Guatemala, Germany, and South Africa).

And yes, we even had a visitor from Saskatoon!

I'm hoping to have more luck this week than I did the last, viz. posting about violence in the Hebrew Bible. On Monday, I hope to talk about why we need to deal with this issue in our preaching.

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