Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday's Odds & Ends

  • Gorgeous weather here on the Oregon . . . just in time for me to leave for Spokane(Remember to wave as you pass me during the Bloomsday Run!)
By 2025, there will be as many Christians in ­sub-­Saharan ­Africa —­ some 640 ­million —­ as in South America. By 2050, it is almost certain that most of the world’s Christians will live in Africa. As Kenyan scholar John Mbiti writes, “The centers of the church’s universality [are] no longer in Geneva, Rome, Athens, Paris, London, New York, but Kinshasa, Buenos Aires, Addis Ababa, and Manila.”
  • But John Stackhouse points out that doing theology “costs money and it costs time” – neither of which the Global South has in abundance. That’s why he concludes:
So of course North-Western theologians today should seek out the wisdom of Christian thinkers in these exciting new communities. Of course we have much to learn from brothers and sisters who labor to understand and articulate the gospel in contexts wonderfully and fruitfully different from our own.

But the simple fact is that North-Western theologians will continue to benefit from the accumulated resources of centuries. They will therefore be responsible to continue to bless the world as best they can out of those riches. This is no brief for conceit, but rather a call to heightened responsibility: "To whom much is given, much will be required."
And part of that responsibility will be to invest money and time in the nascent theological institutions outside the North-West so that they can bring their own distinctive intellectual contributions to the global conversation as quickly and as bountifully as possible.
  • I’ll close with this quote from Billy Sunday: "Sinners can always repent, but stupid is forever."

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