Thursday, April 09, 2009

This week's lesson: faith

You're five miles off the coast when your fishing boat hits a log and starts sinking fast -- so fast that you barely have time to radio the Coast Guard and give them your location.

"We're on the way," they say to you.

So you're floating there in your water, looking at the place in the water where your boat used to be . . . and you hear the rasp of an H-65 Dolphin moving in your direction.

You start waving.

The helicopter stops a little ways off, and there's a splash as the rescue swimmer goes into the water. He wraps the rescue strop around you, gives the signal, and the two of you are hoisted into the helicopter. There's a quick, noisy ride to the closest hospital, where they treat you for hypothermia, then send you home.

  • At which point in this story were you "saved"?
  • At which point in this story did you need faith -- and how did that faith show itself?
  • Were you saved by your faith, or by something else?

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