Tuesday, April 07, 2009

News: Oregon Conference's budget

Just so you know how we're weathering the financial crisis here in Oregon, here's a quick summary of the notes I took at today's Conference meeting with pastors:

What's in:
  • Pastors. (People who retire or move may not be replaced, but right now it doesn't sound as though the Conference is planning to lay off pastors for financial reasons.)
  • Campmeeting. (Yes, it's spendy -- but we're doing it anyway. And no, you're not going to save much money by making it shorter.)
  • The pastors' retreat at Twin Rocks.
  • Video conferencing.

What's out:
  • Christmas bonuses, January's meeting, pastors' camp at Big Lake, and money for continuing education. (The first three are gone, the fourth's been reduced to $300 for the year.)
  • Mandatory, across-the-board cuts in salary. (Then again, you're welcome to donate part of your salary to the Conference if you so desire.)
  • Sending money to Pacific Press for Literature Evangelist training. (That's $45,000 in savings right there.)
  • Bringing in new pastors from out-of-state. (This won't always be possible -- but cutting back on this could save the Conference as much as $500,000.)
  • Hiring new college graduates. (Sorry people!)
So . . . what's been happening in your Conference?

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