Sunday, April 26, 2009


No new links this week -- mainly because I spent this morning doing announcements at a local swim meet. (It's a long story)

Traffic was up 12% this week, mainly because of a lot of hits from Sunnyside, Washington. (You say you've never heard of it? It's about 20-miles from my birthplace of Toppenish -- and of course you know where that is!)

Inside the USA (and outside Washington and Oregon), my top three points-of-origin for visitors were California, Texas, and Michigan. (Shouldn't you seminary people be studying or something?)

Outside the USA, my top three points-of-origin for visitors were Canada, Estonia, and Finland. (And hei to you too!) I also received first-time visitors from Nepal, Indonesia, and New Zealand (though not from my wife's hometown of Palmerston North, so I can't ask you to pass along greetings to her friends).

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