Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've added a link to the Hartford Institute for Religion Research -- you may remember it as the think-tank that issued a generally positive report on mega-churches. It also offers a number of surveys you can use to evaluate a church; I especially like the one it has developed for pastoral searches.

Traffic was down this week, due to a big drop-off in hits from Michigan. (Is the seminary on break or what?) And roughly two-thirds of the hits I got came from a group of 20 people or so.

Outside the USA, my top three countries-of-origin for visitors were Estonia, Canada, and Finland. And when it comes to Americans, roughly half my visitors came from Washington or Oregon; most of the rest came from Texas, California, or Tennessee.

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David Hamstra said...

"Is the seminary on break or what?"

Nope. Week before finals.