Sunday, April 12, 2009


While my wife's busy with Easter services -- she's the organist at a local Lutheran church -- I've added a few links to this site:
  • Simply Youth Ministries: Doug Fields is the Rick Warren of youth pastors (which isn't surprising, given the fact he is the youth pastor at Rick Warren's church).
  • Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: this is the on-line companion to the half-hour PBS show by that name. A nice mix of hard-news and personality pieces -- and yes, this week's broadcast included a biography of Wintley Phipps.
  • Crunchy Con: Rod Dreher is a values conservative, an economic populist, an Orthodox Christian, and a columnist for beliefnet.
  • apocalupto: those of you wondering if seminary would change David Hamstra can find out for yourselves on his blog.
Traffic was up 12% this week -- I'm guessing that many of you were having a hard time coming up with ideas for this week's sermon. The hot spot for foreign visitors was (as always) Canada; the next three were the United Kingdom, Finland, and Australia. (What happened to Estonia?)

The top spot for domestic visitors was (as always) Washington state; the next three were Oregon, Michigan, and California.

Speaking of which . . . Google Analytics tells me there's a lot of traffic coming from Keyport, Washington -- a small town right next door to the base where the Navy keeps some of its Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines. Is there any way I could talk you people into giving me a tour?

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Pets said...

(What happened to Estonia?)
At least one Estonian discovered Google Reader and reads through RSS and here just to comment ;). Probably it will not count... :(