Sunday, April 05, 2009


My list of links was getting a bit lush, so I'm going to be doing some pruning. Let me know if I drop a link you especially liked.

And yes, I'm still adding links; recent acquisitions include:
  • SmallChurchPROF -- it promises "everything about small churches," so we shall see.
  • Intersection -- the SDA church's official attempt to build a brand with on-line videos.
  • Church Marketing Sucks -- aimed at church communication pros, there's not much here that pastors will find useful . . . but once in a while, it comes up with a gem.
Looking at the last week, our top three states for visitors were Washington, Oregon, and New York. (Sorry Michigan!) I've also been getting a lot of traffic this month from Georgia -- what's up with you people down there?

And when it comes to international visitors, the top three were Canada, South Korea, and Finland . . . with Estonia close behind.

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