Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday's Odds & Ends

  • I've just added the Tacoma Book Center to my list of favorite things. Not only is it one of the best used-book stores in the Pacific Northwest (great selection, reasonable prices), but it's within walking distance of the factory-outlet store for the Brown & Haley candy company.
  • Reading evangelical blogs about alcohol, I'm struck by how status-conscious they are, i.e. wine is preferred to beer, beer is mentioned only if it is a craft-brew, while the hard stuff and alcopops are apparently much too downscale for emergents. (Meanwhile, the true hipsters are drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon -- go figure!)
  • And I'll close with this quote from Anthony Trollope's Barchester Towers: "With what complacency will a young parson deduce false conclusions from misunderstood texts, and then threaten us with all the penalties of Hades of we neglect to comply with the injunctions he has given us. Yes, my too self-confident juvenile friend, I do believe in those mysteries which are so common in your mouth; I do believe in the unadulterated word which you hold there in your hand; but you must pardon me if, in some things, I doubt your interpretation."


Hanan Merrill said...

Just wondering what your thoughts on alchohol consumption are from a Biblical standpoint?

Also, what blogs are you reading?

Pastor Greg said...

My views on alcohol from a Biblical standpoint are pretty much the same as my views on slavery from a Biblical standpoint.