Monday, March 09, 2009

Remember the contest!

More nominees for the Betamax Awards, i.e. terrific ideas that never really work out in practice:
  • Dukane Projectors. Easy to break. Difficult to repair. Weighed a ton. Not all that interesting to watch -- and nobody ever seemed to know how to get foreign-language tapes for them.
  • The Adult Sabbath School Quarterly. It doesn't matter who wrote it, who edits it, or what the subject might be -- by the sixth-week, it always sounds the same.
  • Sending leadership teams to Willow Creek. They came. They saw. They disappeared without a trace.
Again, the deadline for entries is Tuesday, March 31.

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Nick said...

The Youth "Cornerstone" Lesson Quarterly. Lot of good story, not very good on practical and deep study for youth.