Sunday, March 15, 2009


Daffodils are in bloom, and this morning I saw a big flock of Canada geese heading south over Neskowin -- so I've declared it is now Spring on the Oregon Coast.

I've switched our church's website to netAdventist v.3; that means it has a new URL -- and that means:
  • I've had to drop Greg's Sermon Stash from the list of resources . . .
  • but you can now find written copies of my sermons by going to our church's website. (And yes, I promise to start adding podcasts this week.) As always, I ask only that you find some way of giving me some kind of credit if you use part or all of a sermon I wrote.
I've also added links to:
Traffic was up about a third this week, thanks to a big surge in hits from the State of Washington. (Are you people on Spring Break, or what?) And this week saw my first visitor from Fiji!

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