Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gone fishin'

I'll be on vacation for a few days -- see you next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, don't forget nominations will close for The Betamax Awards on Tuesday, March 31. New entries include:
  • Agape Feasts: everyone agrees they are a beautiful, meaningful way to celebrate the Communion service . . . but every time I ask my church members if they want to do another one of these, they say, "It was wonderful -- but no." What gives?
  • Church services broadcast on local-access cable TV: You can produce good radio programs at little cost. But cheap TV programs look . . . cheap.
  • The hymnal on CD: don't have a pianist? Just pop in the CD, and the whole church can pretend they're doing karaoke! (Well, they would if they could hear the CD above the sound of their own singing. And keep up with the tempo. And get the hang of the rhythm. And . . . never mind; we'll just do it a cappella.)

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