Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Odds & Ends

  • Take the map from The New York Times that I mentioned a couple of week's ago -- one that gives county-by-county unemployment stats . . . now compare it with this week's map from USA Today that gives county-by-county population trends . . . and then ask yourself: what's happening on the High Plains, and what does this suggest about ministry there?
  • Coming up with a title for this week's sermon on Matthew 6:19-34 was easy: "The One Thing A.I.G. Forgot." Now if I could just take the message of these verses and to apply it to my own life . . .
  • Kudos to Bill Tymeson -- as designer of The Adventist Review, he's given us a magazine that looks clean and contemporary. (Now could he please do something about the design of Adventist World?)
  • I'll close this week with a quote from Ankhsheshonqy -- an Egyptian sage from the first-century BC: "A wise man seeks friends, while a fool seeks enemies."

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