Sunday, March 08, 2009

Contest: the Betamax Awards

This month, I'm opening nominations for the Betamax Awards. These are prizes for terrific ideas that were supposed to revolutionize pastoral ministry . . . but somehow, they never really seem to work out in practice. Examples include:
  • Small groups. For the last 30-years, everyone has agreed they are essential to growth and spiritual nurture. But only a handful of SDA churches have been able to make them work for more than a year or two.
  • Loma Linda University's MPH program for pastors. Training pastors to be health educators was supposed to revolutionize evangelism. So what happened?
  • Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Church. Loved the book -- but every SDA pastor I've known who tried to implement its ideas either gave up in discouragement . . . or found a new job. (And yes, this goes for Willow Creek too.)
Contest rules:
  1. You can nominate ideas via the "Comments" for this post, or email them to me at
  2. Please limit your nominations to ideas that have been tried (and found wanting) in the Adventist church.
  3. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, March 31.

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Herb Douglass said...

Gregg: you are on to something!! What about copy-cat celebration services? Or mirrow-image Willow Creeks? Or last-day event charts that are continually revised? Or the excitement of changing the name of liberal to progressive? On it goes! Cheers, Herb