Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small-town churches: the fourth (and final) post

Small-town churches can be tough on new pastors.

Often, they won't fight your attempts at leadership so much as ignore them -- in fact, it can be a real challenge just to find out what decisions they've made without telling you. (I'd pastored one such church for three years before they started making sure I knew about church socials!)

Add the isolation, the lack of friends your age, and the tight budgets these churches often have . . .

And you have the chance to learn something valuable:

Advantage #4: It will teach you how to deal with failure.

Small-town churches are full of survivors.
  • They've seen schools consolidate and mills shut down.
  • They've watched farms get bigger as the local population grows smaller.
  • And when that new hyper-mart opened just two hours away, they mourned each and every one of those stores in their town that were forced to close.
Yet somehow, they survived.

In spite of all they've endured, your people are still there in church on Sabbath morning.

And when failure comes your way -- as it surely will . . . then maybe you can benefit from their example.

To be sure, success may come easier to you in a big-city church.

But in a small-town church, you have a chance to learn what real success is all about.

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