Sunday, February 22, 2009


One of the things I've noticed is that visits to this site essentially double on Fridays. Two reasons that might be true:
  • Thursday's commentary on the week's Sabbath School lesson is especially popular.
  • There's nothing more enjoyable than cruising the Web when you should be working on tomorrow's sermon.
One link I've added under Resources for Ministry is "Greg's Sermon Stash." This let's you download copies of recent sermons I've done -- and yes, they're free. My only request would be that anyone who actually uses one of my sermons in some way would:
  • Send me an email that lets me know how you used it, and what suggestions you have for improvement.
  • Find a way (either in the sermon or in your bulletin) to let people know you've used me as a resource. (And no, don't use the phrase, "As one of my favorite authors has said . . . "!)

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