Friday, January 02, 2009

This Week's Lesson: Official Channels

God has a Press Officer.

That's the gist of this week's Sabbath School lesson -- a lesson you could summarize with three points:
  • God has revealed Himself to us.
  • He has done so through both General and Special Revelation.
  • This quarter, we will discuss God's Special Revelation, which is prophecy.
In short, when God has something to say, He issues a Press Release -- and it's the prophet's job to make sure that message gets into the right hands.

Now for most of this quarter, we'll be studying the details of just how a prophet gets that official message from God . . . but before we do so, it's worth remembering that God has used other ways (and other people) to get His point across.
  • God spoke to Pharaoh in a dream (Genesis 41).
  • God spoke to the sailors on Jonah's ship through casting lots (Jonah 1).
  • God led the Magi by a star (Matthew 2).
  • And God indicated His will to Israel through something called "the Urim and Thummim" (I Samuel 28).
What's more, the charismatic movement has popularized the idea that God still speaks to all of His people. That's why several of my Pentecostal friends have no problem with the idea that Adventists have a prophet; no, what bothers them is the fact that we only have one prophet!

In short, there's more to Special Revelation than the idea that God has an Official Press Officer Who Alone is Authorized to Speak for God.

No, God has spoken to His people "at many times and in various ways."

And yes, sometimes He goes through official channels; sometimes God does use a prophet.

But sometimes, God finds another way to get His point across.

In fact, you could even say there are times when God "leaks."

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