Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Four views on Adventist evangelism

Over the years, I've noticed that discussions about Adventist evangelism tend to be:
  • long,
  • heated,
  • and predicable.
In the interests of saving time, I've boiled down most of the arguments into four views. Here they are:

"The only thing wrong with traditional, four-week evangelistic series is that we don't do enough of them. Nothing else is as effective -- and yes, that's also true of those mass-mailings some people call "lurid" and "sensationalistic." Just because they make our people uneasy doesn't mean they don't work . . . and they do work! They work because people are interested in prophecy."

"I believe in evangelism -- but I'd like to see us try a broader approach than we do now: maybe a combination of small groups, special-interest seminars, one-day events And yes, a four-week evangelistic series could be part of that mix . . . but only if we can find some brochures that don't splatter people with the beasts of Revelation!"

"I'm really uncomfortable with the whole idea of telling other people what to believe -- especially when we have so many problems in our own church that need to be addressed. First, let's get our own act together. Next, let's find a way to address the needs of our community. And if that bring in people, then well and good."

"Let's build relationships with the people around us -- through worship, service, nurture, and even just "hanging out." Only when they feel they belong will they care what we believe . . . and only through contact with believers will they learn how to behave."

  1. Which of these four best expresses your own view?
  2. Which of these four best expresses the view of your church's leadership?
  3. Which of these four have you actually tried?

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Bill A said...

I guess we are some mix of modern-emergent.