Friday, May 09, 2008

El brazo derecho del evangelio

Two pieces of information:

One is an article in The New York Times on the use of traditional healers in this country by illegal immigrants from Mexico. No sooner do they arrive, it seems, then immigrants start coming down with the same ills that plague Americans: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Add the problems that come from working long hours at tough jobs, and you have a large group of people with real health needs.

Now add this piece of news from May's Oregon Conference PresReport:
Roger Hernandez reports over 1,000 guests came through the doors of the Hillsboro Spanish Church for Healing 2008. Volunteer medical professionals provided quality care. The need was great enough that some individuals lined up at 3:30 AM to receive medical and/or dental care.
Okay, so now let's put together these two pieces of information -- what does this suggest?

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