Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wishlist: Training on the Web

I wish somebody offered training for specific tasks and skills via MP3 files and "YouTube"-type videos -- stuff that I and my church members could download from the Web at any time.

And yes, I'm sure the training events and seminars now offered by my Conference are wonderful; I'd like to see them continue.

Unfortunately, neither I nor my church members attend any of them. With a two-hour drive to Portland, after all, we've pretty much shot the whole day by attending a seminar -- and we don't have that kind of time.

Then too, we tend to wait until a problem develops before we see the need for training -- and when we do see a need, we want that training right now! If all the Conference can do is tell us it will be offering a seminar on that topic "sometime next Spring," then we've all lost a teaching moment.

Needless to say, those MP3 files and videos should be fairly short -- 15-minutes at the longest. It would also be nice if the Conference used the same format as the Pentagon, i.e. a 20-second clip that gives an overview so that I can decide if it's worth my time to click on the full-length video.

Now when it comes to topics . . . well, that's another post.

Meanwhile, you can click here for a a sample of what the Pentagon does.


kennmakk said...

Hey, Greg, why don't you abandon the hope of a "top-down" media-training initiative (though it's arguable that the Conference is the "top").

You know some good stuff others could find useful. Why don't YOU develop some good YouTube-style training vids and show 'em how it's done?

They're too busy doing administrivia and being wheels...don't hold your breath for THEM to get it done.

Pastor Greg said...

If I had worlds enough and time . . .