Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jesus wept.

As a follow-up to the discussions at the Oregon pastors' meetings viz. various models of the atonement -- check out the discussion at Out of Ur about Rob Bell.

As pastor of the Mars Hill church in Michigan, the 37-year-old Bell is a leader in the emergent-church movement. His videos on the NOOMA website have been extraordinarily influential. And yes, TIME magazine recently did a full-page profile of him as "the hipper-than-thou pastor."

But Bell's views of the atonement have been labeled insufficiently forensic by pastors such as Mark Driscoll, and that has created all kinds of snarky comments on the Web, both pro and con. (Don't believe me? Just google "Rob Bell vs. Mark Driscoll" and see what you get.)

Myself, I can't read this kind of thing without feeling very, very tired. And yes, I believe truth is important. But so is loving our enemies . . .

Even if we think they're heretics.

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