Thursday, May 10, 2007

Actually, much of what we do in church doesn't make sense to us, either.

I live in Oregon -- the least-churched state in America.

That's why I was especially interested in The Christian Science Monitor's profile of Hemant Mehta -- a young atheist who was paid by a pastor to attend church and then report back on what he thought of it all.

The result?

Let's just say that "seeker sensitive services" seems to be more promise than reality in most of the churches Mehta attended. His most common response, as a matter of fact, was sheer confusion.

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Dave said...

I did not know that Oregon is the least churched state in America, but I understand that it is the most Adventist state (per capita) in America. True?

Pastor Greg said...

Good question -- but not an easy one to answer, since state boundaries don't match those of our conferences.

The State of Oregon, for instance, is divided between the Oregon, Idaho, and Upper Columbia Conferences. The State of Washington, on the other hand, has been parceled out to the Oregon, Washington, and Upper Columbia Conferences. All this makes figuring out just who has the most Adventists a little difficult!

That said, the Oregon Confernce has one member for every 117 locals. The Washington Conference has one member for every 225 locals. And while the Upper Columbia Conference has one member for every 75 locals, that's still not enough to make up for all those non-SDAs around Puget Sound.

So . . . the State of Oregon probably has more Adventists per capita than any other state. But the Upper Columbia Conference definitely has more per capita than any other conference.