Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why should the devil have all the ugly music?

True story: a couple of years back, the auditorium where Young Adults met for campmeeting was the same place the "other adults" would meet afterwards for prayer and testimonies. No problem -- until the word came down from headquarters that we needed to move (or at least cover-up) our Praise Team's drum-set after every meeting; it seems that the television evangelist who was leading the "other adults" in worship had a well-known animus against drums. So . . . after every meeting, we hid the drums, just to make sure none of the saints were offended.

I was thinking about that as I read an article in the Dallas Morning News about a church that reaches out to "gutter punks" with the kind of music they enjoy.

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Bill A said...

I liked it better when your title was "Why should the devil have all the pretty music?"

Why do drums (or any instrument) make music ugly? They just add another dimension or layer to the music.

Pastor Greg said...

Hmmm . . . try clicking on the title of this post for the article in The Dallas Morning News, and perhaps the title will make more sense.

Anonymous said...

Some people said that drums are not good in church and that people should not wear jewelry. So rather than just stop doing it, cover it up - it works just as well. The morons who get offended by everything (and like to be offended by everything) will be glad to know that the outward appearance remains prim and proper.

(Why do they get to control everything?)