Sunday, February 25, 2007

What about unintentional interim pastors?

Article in the Los Angeles Times about pastors who've made it their life's work to deal with churches in crisis, i.e. they move in, fix what's wrong, and ride off into the sunset.

Myself, I don't doubt that such ministers are needed . . . but it's worth pointing out that these pastors deal with situations where:
  • the problem is known (i.e. somebody died, somebody lied, or somebody needs to get fried),
  • and you can solve the problem with a few, quick personnel changes.
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Anonymous said...

In cases where "somebody died" personnel change is probably inevitable. In cases where "somebody lied" change within the person with integrity issues is to be preferred but still may result in personnel change. In cases where "somebody needs to get fried" it would depend on who it is who nees to be dealt with. If the situation on the ground is there no matter who the paid personnel may be, changing personnel will only perpetuate the problem.