Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can spend $750?

Here's the deal: this year, the Oregon Conference will give me $750 for Continuing Education.

That's money to attend seminars, workshops, conferences -- whatever! -- just so long as it involves some real live face-to-face time with people in my field. (Unfortunately, this means distance-learning via computer, DVDs, or CDs is out.)

In the past, I'd audited the MA/DMin. extension courses that Andrews offers here in the Pacific Northwest. I can't do that this year, however, because I'm teaching the religion classes in our local Adventist high school.

And yes, I know that Blake urged us "to see the Universe in a grain of sand" . . . but there's no way the Conference is going to fund a trip to Maui, so don't suggest it.

Finally, that $750 needs to cover books, fees, per diem, and airfare or milage from the Oregon Coast; this is not the year, in other words, to sign up for one of those European tours that would take me "In the Footsteps of the Reformation."

So . . . anyone out there have any ideas?

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Julius said...

May I suggest...

Oct. 24-27 (Wed-Sat): Questions on Doctrine 50th Anniversary Conference, hosted by the Andrews University Theological Seminary, at Andrews University.

This is kind of self-serving since I'm on the planning committee, but hey...I thought I might suggest it, at least.

The conference will provide a forum for dialogue on the book, the past 50 years of Adventist theology, and future trajectories between historic, mainstream, evangelical, and liberal Adventists, and also with evangelicals. Perhaps for the first time in such a broadly represented manner in the past 50 years.