Monday, December 18, 2006

Episcopalians face split over gays

The Episcopal Church has always prided itself on its ability to draw together all kinds of Christians:
  • "high church" Anglo-Catholics,
  • "low church" evangelicals,
  • and "broad church" liberals.
That era may be coming to an end. The American church's decision to ordain women dismayed Anglo-Catholics; its decision to ordain a gay bishop has outraged Anglo-Catholics, evangelicals, and Anglican leaders around the world. Now a group of American churches has announced its intent to secede from the local diocese, and form an alliance with a bishop overseas.

For a mix of perspectives on this issue, click here for an article in The Christian Science Monitor, here for an article in The New York Times and here for an article in The Washington Post.

Update: To read the response of a "broad church" Episcopal priest to all this, click here for the article in Slate. (You can sum up her view as "good bye and good riddance.")

Update: Click here for a NYT profile of Peter Akinola -- the Nigerian archbishop whose strong stance against homosexuality has made him the leader of 21 Episcopal churches in the USA.

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