Monday, March 13, 2006

The best book ever written about the ministry

I'm not a youth pastor.

And I've been a pastor way longer than two years.

But Doug Field's book, Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry, is the best I've ever read on being a pastor.


Doug is the youth pastor at the Saddleback Church in southern California (and yes, he's written a book called Purpose Driven Youth Ministry). But don't let that scare you. Your First Two Years won't leave you feeling depressed and inadequate. Instead, it's like having a cup of (decaf) coffee with your best friend from seminary as the two of you chew over what's been happening this past week.

And yes, even rapidly aging Senior pastors (like me) will appreciate Doug's advice. Take, for instance, the fifth of his Ten Essentials for Minstry: "I will avoid the comparison trap." Think about that one the next time someone you know gets called to a bigger church than the one you're currently pastoring!

So stop whatever you're doing. Drop whatever you're reading. Click on to the title of post -- it will take you straight to the Amazon web-page for Doug's book -- and BUY THIS BOOK IMMEDIATELY!

Got that done?

Then the next time you're in Lincoln City, drop by and we'll talk about Doug's book.

I'll even buy the coffee.

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